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Why Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

When you choose TBG:BPO for your outsourcing requirements, you will have an experienced team of agents with over 75% being educated to a degree level. The Filipino culture is addictive and the team have a friendly, positive, professional manner. They take pride in their work and the brands that they represent and will go the extra mile to ensure that you are represented with the integrity it deserves.

To ensure that we develop our team and deliver with the highest of standards we operate a rule of 1 senior agent for every 4 agents and addition 1 team leader for every 3 seniors. This ensures that we have a keen eye for quality whilst having the time to upskill and develop our team. Your direct support will include a dedicated UK Account Manager who will liaise directly with the Account and Operational Management team in Manila.

As if the work was completed in the UK, you will be allocated a dedicated Account Manager who will be responsible for the day to day communication between yourself and the contact centre. Our UK Account Manager will liaise directly with the Manila Operations and Account Managers. With 2 experienced Account Managers (1 based in the UK and 1 in Philippines) we can ensure that your program is management as efficiently as possible.

We remove all the additional costs that you would occur if the work was completed in-house. No additional charges are occurred for recruitment, on-boarding, training, equipment, PAYE or management of the team.

The Filipino culture is very friendly and positive, they are very loyal and career focused which has assisted to us achieving an attrition rate below the industry standard. There are more English-speaking people in the Philippines than in the UK and is spoken as the first-choice language in most colleges and universities. They have a neutral accent reducing the risk of the accent being questioned.

Our operation is open 24/7 365 days a year and can be fully resourced for your requirement, no matter how big or small. We are located in a modern office with brand new up to date technology and secured internet connection. We have an resilient DR Plan that includes 2 fully furnished offices based in Manila within 1 hour of our head office.