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Scaling Your Business

Scaling your business using BPO

Planning and preparing your business for growth can open potential challenges. Although, growth is good it can create additional pressures on the business. From expensive costs and time constraints to lack of manpower and expertise are just a few potential hurdles that a business may encounter of which can either slow your growth rate and/or can damage the current business in place.

Fortunately, using a BPO partner such as TBG:BPO scaling your business is made easier, reducing any risks that could stand in your way. Experts in the BPO field, we assist with all routes of customer contact via telephony, email, webchat and social media. Servicing our clients from our ISO27001 accredited environment ensures that our quality work is completed in a secure, regulated environment.

Why not let TBG:BPO help you improve any of the following areas:

Customer Service

Improving your customer service with both current and potential new customers is an essential start point for any business looking to expand their business. TBG:BPO product range include contact through Inbound traffic, Social Media and Webchat. According to www.helpscout.net 78% of consumers decided against a purchase with a business due to a poor customer service experience. The power of word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising and should always be protected!


Outbound calling and email marketing campaigns will increase your market reach and sales generated from the important routes would definitely give a boost to new business wins. Our extensive knowledge of Outbound contact is defined through detailed training, experienced dedicated personnel, report writing and analysis. We can provide a full sale or generate leads which are transferred through to your internal says team or appointment booked in a diary.

Virtual Assistant

Reduce time spent on repetitive, menial tasks and potential labour costs with our Virtual Assistant Team. Our team are experienced and ready to handle a multitude of administrative and secretarial tasks.


Marketing is a core business function that companies would want to handle themselves. TBG:BPO’s Data Marketing and Social Media Management are services that complementary to any businesses’ marketing strategies. TBG:BPO offers Data Analysis to help your business formulate effective marketing strategies. Our Social Media Management services will help with your digital marketing efforts.

Technology and Infrastructure

TBG:BPO only use advanced technology. From the latest VoIP phones to blazing fast leased line internet connection, TBG:BPO’s clients can immediately integrate this advanced technology to their operations so they can see immense improvements in productivity and efficiency.

Discover how TBG:BPO can improve your business! Make an enquiry at bpo@tbggroup.co.uk.

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