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The Philippines is the world’s #1 in voice BPO, offering excellent service within Inbound and Outbound platforms

world number 1

The Philippines has continued to thrive within the BPO sector becoming the number 1 choice destination for outsourcing business requirements. ,” the BPO sector is expected to generate revenue that will surpass OFW remittances by 2018. And by 2022, the entire industry is expected to earn almost $40B in revenue, according to the IT and Business Process Association Philippines (IBPAP).

Contact centres have become the top employers within the BPO sector, hold 54.8% of the industry’s total revenue as of 2013. The most recent industry profile by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reports that 49.1% of all establishments engaged in BPO were “mostly engaged in contact centre activities” and 84.6% of employees in the industry were contact centre agents.

Filipinos have continued to supply a good quality services within the voice sector and since 2010, the Philippines has been the world’s top exporter of voice-related BPO services. There are many advantages of using a BPO service based in the Philippines which is encouraging more and more businesses every year to outsource to the Philippines.

So, what’s the secret? The proficiency of the Filipino in spoken English is continually honed through:



Nine out of ten Filipinos are functionally literate. Impressive numbers on talent availability within IT-BPM locations also reflect great potential for more youth to engage in the ever-growing sector. Importantly, English is a major medium of instruction in schools; so with educational attainment a crucial requirement for a job in the BPO industry, Filipinos in the workforce can surely converse in the language well enough. Further training programs on communication are also made available to prospective employees to develop their competency.



With English as one of the country’s official languages, Filipinos have sufficient experience in using it. Aside from being a language of instruction, it is also the working language for business, politics, and academics. In addition, it is the common tongue that locals can use to communicate with tourists. And being in a huge tourism hotspot, Filipinos across the country definitely have a good grasp of communicating with both native and non-native English speakers.



Heavy exposure to Western media and culture enables Filipinos to adapt a flexible English accent that is clear and easily understandable for foreigners. The country’s rich history reveals that English literacy has been taught to Filipinos by the Americans themselves from a hundred years back.

English proficiency is only one of the many factors that makes the Philippines the best choice for offshore contact centres. A great bonus would be the beautiful Filipino values blending in with the Western business culture, which ensures you with patient, jolly, and helpful customer service representatives who can pick up the phone anytime.

Our advice is to choose a partner with has adaptable and experienced staff who can assist with a full Omni-Channel approach. This will enable you to maximise your customer contact with ease. Find out more about our BPO services and discover what TBG:BPO can do for you. Why not talk to us today at bpo@tbggroup.co.uk

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