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Improving your B2B Lead Generation

Improve B2B Lead Generation

Building your network, will assist in helping you to grow your business. There are multiple avenues that can be taken to achieve this, from emails, attending conferences and quite simply picking up the phone to cold call. Although cold calling can be a time-consuming task it can be an essential route to helping you achieve your growth plans. By outsourcing your lead generation activity can free up your valuable time allowing you to focus on your business, its products and customers. Further advantages are:


When deciding to complete your lead generation activity inhouse your first hurdle encountered is recruitment. Finding the right individuals for your business can prove to be tough task, in today’s market it is proving to be a candidate’s markets with many telemarketing positions available on job boards and not enough trained, experienced agents to fill the positions. This obviously impacts the attrition rate within businesses and it is predicted that up to 33% of telemarketers annually will look to move positions.

The Solution:
TBG:BPO have a rich pool of experienced B2B BPO agents who all have a minimum of 12 months experience working for UK clients speaking with UK contacts. The Filipino culture also helps to protect attrition rates through focused, passionate personalities that are full of gratitude and professionalism.   

Ongoing Management

Once you have onboarded your new employee there is additional pressure to ensure that they are continuously trained and evaluated to meet the expected level that meets your business expectations. This is normally delivered through Sales/Product training, Quality evaluations, regular 1-2-1’s and detailed reporting. This involves either recruiting for a Sales Team Leader or a Sales Manager which obviously encounters additional costs or internal management inherit the activity under their remit, but  takes up valuable time from the working day.

The Solution:
As part of TBG:BPO management of an offshoring opportunity, we will adopt a train the trainer scenario to make the onboarding of new starters as efficient as possible. All agents are managed by an experienced Team Leader who is responsible for performance management, quality and any HR issues. You are allocated an experienced account manager who will simplify the process even further by acting as the main communication between you and the operational team.

Knowledge Base

Being able to accurately monitor and evaluate performance of data, industry sector, location or contact method, can assist you with modelling your customer contact strategy moving forward. There are many interactive CRM platforms available to assist you with being able to provide you with the answers required, but an investment is required to use such platforms, also you will need dedicated resource to build, maintain and create reports for you to obtain the business intelligence.

The Solution:
TBG:BPO are happy to use your CRM platform if required but also offer the use of our platform for ease of use. We will be able to manage your KPI’s and provide detailed reports for you to make the right decisions at the right time. We are happy to provide you with the access to listen to calls or create reports whenever and wherever you like through our cloud-based technology. Knowledge is Power!



When building or increasing the size of your lead generation team there is a cost impact on the business. From recruitment, through to purchasing new IT equipment, management cost and training, can all impact your business financially, not just from day 1 but ongoing throughout the lifecycle of the activity. All areas of the business can financially be affected!

The Solution:
TBG:BPO can offer one simplified price plan with no hidden costs or clauses. We invoice monthly and can liaise directly with your financial department. TBG:BPO absorb the cost of recruitment, technology and ongoing management of the team.


In conclusion, by offshoring lead generation, your business can hit your sales objectives at a much faster pace. The Philippines is now the number 1 choice destination for BPO due to the quality of people available to represent brands. TBG:BPO facilities include an ISO27001 certificated environment, to provide a reliable, professional service. Are you missing a cost-effective solution, to maximise your new business wins? If so, please contact Nathan at nathan.kew@tbggroup.co.uk

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