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How can you enhance your customer contact journey?

Customer Journey

Every business starts somewhere and for small and medium business, its often starts with a small of people in an office. Your team are driven with the vision and passion but in reality, you may lack the resource, a specific skill set, office space, the technology or maybe a combination of all these important factors.

It is estimated that an astonishing 75% of customers would share a positive experience with friends and family, whilst 9 out of 10 people would refrain from using a company again if they encountered a bad experience.

Using a BPO (business process outsourcing) service is a great way of achieving your desired goals without exposing yourself to any additional risks. At TBG:BPO, we pride ourselves of retaining a team of highly successful, educated team of agents and managers who live and breathe your brand, a technically advanced IT set up with policies & procedures that have secured our business with the ISO:27001 certification for Information Security Management Systems and an environment that we are proud of.

We offer a flexible approach to be able to assist you achieving your goals, SLA’s and growth. We offer a complete suite of services to ensure your customers receive the level of service your brand demands. Could your business benefit from support in any of the following areas:

Customer Service and Support
Communication between your brand and your customers is crucial in various aspects of your business. From disseminating information to answering a customer inquiry and even dealing with order requests or complaints, an open line of communication for the customers is invaluable.

Having an in-house customer service team is rather expensive however. It requires you to hire and train people, get a supervisor and quality assurance analyst, and of course the procurement of equipment and connectivity to support this. And this is where the cost-efficient strength of outsourcing comes in. An outsourced customer service and support team from TBG:BPO is an affordable way to connect with your customers, provide ‘round the clock support, and maximize the opportunity into turning them into long-term brand advocates.

Social Media Management
Similar to an outsourced team of Customer Service and Support, a Social Media and Community management is also an important part of running a business these days. A bulk of your customers is on social media all the time and they are just waiting to be tapped. The great thing about Social Media is that it can be done with just a minimum budget. What really matters here is the engagement that you have with your customers and the relationship that you are building.

For bigger projects, outsourcing social media projects to a creative company specializing in marketing solutions is a smart decision as well. With your chosen package, you can already have an active social media presence for your brand, a community manager for social networking sites, and visual graphics that are designed for your brand specifically. This also spares you from investing in actual equipment needed for a whole new team.

Offering a webchat function to your website can instantly help to improve your website sales, handle any customer issues/concerns or simply ensure that you are making the most of your online presence.

We can offer a 24/7 service with our webchat solution to ensure that your current and future customers have communication with your brand at any given part of your day. This in turn reduces overheads for yourselves whilst ensuring that you are protecting your brand reputation.

All of our webchat conversations are recorded to ensure that there is always a footprint of the conversations and protects the quality aspect of the communication.

Sales and Lead Generation
Weather it is upselling to your existing customers or reaching out to new ones promoting your products and services is vital for your business survival. Recruiting the right calibre of staff to represent this functionality can be both costly and timely.

We take the time to understand the products and services you provide to ensure that we recruit, train and manage the right people who have the experience and personality that match your brand building a strong culture of professionalism, gratitude and passion.

We can use your script and data, or we can assist to build a script and purchase data that is a perfect partnership with your products and services.

Interested in outsourcing some of your business functions? Contact us to see how we can help!

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